We Are a Dynamic Team of
Professional Real Estate Practitioners.

Unique perspective

At Kayode Obembe & CO. We offer high-quality, economically-integrated serviced estate development, addressing critical community needs and services, and fostering economic opportunities. Our development process encompasses planning, design, and construction management that results in a holistic community be it residential, commercial or industrial. The development initiatives include:

We work differently.

We are available to show you how to Invest in reliable properties at an affordable rate.

To set a new standard in the delivery of services in the real estate sector as the company acquires, develops, sell, leases and manages properties and real estate products in choice locations across Nigeria.

Driven by passion, we think beyond our specific remit and we deliver value to our clients through innovative and affordable solutions, guided by expertise and intelligence.

Our method in the provision of serviced plot estate development involves the acquisition of a large expanse of land, sourced directly from the traditional land owners mostly through buyers financed scheme. The acquisition is then gradually perfected to the utmost level of securing all necessary documentations from the relevant government agencies involved.

We stand firmly by our principles and values. They are the backbone of our business and guide what we do and how we do it.

  • Ability to serve our clients.
  • Committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Responsibility to our clients, staff and the public.
  • Protection of our corporate image at all times.
  • Staff training and development as an integral part of our vision