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5 Importance of Organizing Your Space

While it is definitely one thing to have a home, it’s a whole other thing to have a “home” for all your things. The oh-so-satisfying art of living in an orderly, uncluttered, and highly functional dwelling is for sure second to none.

A messy, disorganized space can cost you more than just time looking for items when you need them, it could also cost you an unfiltered level of inner peace. Living in a country like ours, it definitely is “Gbas Gbos” the minute you step out the house, till the minute you get back in.

To that regard, Our homes should be our place of “refuge” asides God, of course.😉 But, really, it should be a place free of all the stress and demands of the world. So, if yours isn’t like that, but you’d love for it to? Then, keep reading! This Article has just what you need to create an organized space that you’d dream of getting back to, all day at work.

The most important step to Organizing your Space is to Declutter.

Living in a cluttered space can cause you to feel stressed, cranky, frustrated, And, all these other negative emotions. It basically is too much “information” for the eyes and mind to process, so having a “home” for all of your stuff makes your Life Easier and helps you feel less overwhelmed.

One tip to beautifully do this is to place like things with like things. Be it Colours, Sizes, and Shapes of things. That way, you create a sort of Theme for your home that always turns out beautiful.

Why Should you do this?

  1. Promotes Creativity and Positive Thinking: Being in a Clear Space better promotes Our Creativity and Positive thinking, helping us perform at our best. You have fewer distractions, hereby you’re able to focus on things you have to do, also boosting our productivity.


  1. Improves Your Wellbeing: Just like the saying when you feel good, you look good, Having a space you’re proud of can improve your general well-being. You know you have a great space to call home, when you cannot wait to get back home after a long day. The peace we crave being home is a reflection of who we are on the inside.


  1. It Gives You Back Precious Time: Your Time Management Proficiency is off the hook when you have yourself an organized space. Time spent turning the house upside down looking for that Fave Top/Jean can be saved if you have a “home” for all of your belongings.  You in return have enough time to focus on the more important life bettering things.


  1. Clear Minds: When there’s less “information” in form of things to process, the mental space has more room to function better. Some of us experience really bad panic attacks, not just because of how life’s dealing with us, but also because of how cluttered our personal space is.


  1. Organized Space Improves your Flexibility and Ability to Multitask and Evolve: A Cluttered Space will limit your ability to multitask, as things as not as they should be. Those with OCD can definitely relate to how uncomfortable and disoriented they feel when things are not in order. But, in a better organized home, you have ample space to be and do more. Which you shouldn’t allow something like an unorganized space hinder you from.


Final Words, It’s Important to organize both our space and time. Space is important for many reasons—some obvious, some less so. People’s moods, attitudes, and levels of work productivity change in different spaces. Learning to use space and time to your own advantage helps you get you off to a great start in life.

Is This The Best Time To Invest In Real Estate In Ogun State?

Real estate sector is currently booming in Nigeria and people are raking in millions of Naira in return on investment, irrespective of the economic downturn.

The first step to any investment is figuring out the opportunity rate. One of the unraveled secrets of real estate investing is to identify locations with major projects and development. Such locations guarantee a high return on investment.


The Lagos state government has revealed that it will construct a six-lane access road that will connect Lekki to Shagamu along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, as part of efforts to reduce the logistics constraints that may come with the establishment of the Lekki deep seaport in Lagos.


The Governor of Lagos state; Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu revealed this during the 2022 All Markets Conference organized by Ndigbo Amaka Progressive Markets Association in Lagos.

According to the Governor, the six-lane road will be provided to link Lekki Deep Seaport to Shagamu and other locations along Lagos-Ibadan expressway to dissipate the traffic congestion in Lagos.

He noted that the land for the Badagry Deep Seaport has already been secured with the approval of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) expected soon, adding that the establishment of Badagry seaport coupled with the Lekki Deep Seaport will provide better economic and trading opportunities in Lagos.

Investing in real estate in and around Ogun State is the real gold for investors right now. Smart investors are the people who are investing in Ogun state.

This means when these projects are completed, value of real estate within the region will skyrocket.

Since the launch of Cherry View Estate, It’s been the most wanted investment ever in this area. Kayode Obembe Real Estate Company have other estates in Ogun State. They are Metro Park and Garden, Grace Court Estate, Vineyard Estate, Imperial Estate and Western Estate.

Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission has rated Ogun state as the state attracting the largest investments in the country.

According to their report, Ogun received 30 percent of the announcement with a prospective $500 million investment.

When you invest right, real estate investment has great returns.



Now that you know the reason why you should invest in Ogun state.

Do you want to take advantage of it right now?

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Badagry

This is good news for investors and prospective landlords who own or want to own properties along Lagos-Badagry Expressway as well as Badagry town and environs, as the Federal Government has expressed commitment to completing the seemingly abandoned expressway.
There is more interesting good news coming the way of Badagry as you read on.

The Federal Government says the Badagry seaport is estimated to generate about $2.6 billion and create 5,000 direct and indirect jobs when operational.

Michael Ohiani, the acting director-general of the Infrastructure Concession  Regulatory Commission (ICRC), disclosed this when he led a team to visit the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, on Wednesday in Abuja.

Mr. Ohiani also presented the Full Business Case Compliance Certificate for the Badagry Deep Seaport and the Modular Floating Dock to the minister.

Speaking on derivatives of the projects, Ohiani said it would create a total ecosystem in terms of shipping, transportation, and job creation, amongst others.

He added that one of the most notable attributes of the Badagry port was that it would enable the country to compete favourably with the Cotonou seaport.


“In respect of the dry dock which is handled by NIMASA, the revenue that will come to the Federal Government within that period is $65 million, and it’s going to create a job opportunity of over 800,000,” Mr. Ohiani said.


The Badagry deep seaport will be the second in Lagos after the one in Lekki.


This will connect Lagos with the ECOWAS countries. The initiative would, no doubt, enhance the commercial and other business activities between the neighbouring countries.

What this means is that all the properties in Epe and environs will start appreciating while all building projects that have been abandoned will be re-started.

With the discovery of oil, ongoing reconstruction of Lagos- Badagry Expressway, relative peaceful environment, the axis is heralding a robust real estate development.

Lagoon View Estate being developed by Kayode Obembe real estate company is one of the estates located on the axis. You can get it at a Promo price, N1.5 million per plot of 500 sqm if you buy now.


In the next ten years, Badagry will record more boom. It is going to be a huge economic hub, real estate will boom, other trading activities will boom.


Could you believe that 10 years ago, a plot of land was sold for N300,000 in Lekki. Presently, getting a plot of land in Lekki can never be sold for less than N25 million. Can you see how the rate multiplied itself within a time frame of 10 years? The smart investors that got themselves a piece of land in Lekki back then will be getting a whopping profit in anything they do on the land.

This is a great investment opportunity. Remember, the best time to invest in Badagry is now!


If you’re looking for affordable land to buy in Badagry, visit



All You Need To Know About Lekki Free Trade Zone

Lekki Free Trade Zone is a major catalyst for the development of Lagos state brought about by a collaboration of the Chinese and Nigerian governments. It was started during the administration of the former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


The Lekki Free Zone is an ambitious project with the potential to transform Nigeria’s economy, but it is still very much in development.


Despite still being under construction, the Zone is fast attracting local and foreign investors. The largest oil refinery in Africa, a fertilizer plant, a petrochemical plant, and a sub-sea gas pipeline project are under construction by the African richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, and valued at $17 billion. The largest Deep Sea Port in West Africa is also under construction opening up access for export to West Africa and beyond.


The free zone receives a number of benefits targeted toward its developers and occupants.

  • Zero corporate income tax on Free Zone income
  •  Zero withholding tax on dividends
  • Zero VAT on purchases made within the free zone
  • No customs duties on imports
  • Revenue collection in USD is allowed in the Zone
  • No inspection of imports until arrival on-site in the Zone
  • Exemption from FX controls
  • Repatriation of foreign capital investment and gains in the Zone
  • Up to 100% foreign ownership of business
  • No need for Company Expatriate Quotas


It is also important to note that this area will be home to the New International Airport, Alaro City, Lagos Smart City, Lekki Deep Sea Port, and others. Other notable developments aside from various residential Estates are Atlantic University, Eleganza Industrial City other amazing infrastructures. Aside from the Lekki Free Trade Zone being a hub of opportunities, its environment will also provide a considerable amount of opportunity.


Below are all you need to know about Lekki Free Trade Zone:


Size of Lekki Free Trade Zone

Lekki Free Trade Zone is set to cover about 155 square kilometers. The LFTZ  is located in the southeastern corner of Lagos State, facing the Atlantic Ocean to the south and the Lekki Lagoon to the north.


It is one of the numerous projects that are set to change the face of Lagos. It is considered a game-changer as it will make Lagos the destination place for commerce.




The Lekki Free Trade Zone map is a guide to what to expect when the project is finally completed. For a place that is considered six times the size of Victoria Island – one of the major business hubs in Lagos, you definitely want a map.


Lekki Free Trade Zone when complete is expected to accommodate a total of 120,000 people for residential purposes. Another thing that is glaring from the Lekki Free Trade Zone map is that it is divided into two – south and north. The north is mainly for residential purposes and the south is for commercial purposes.


However, from the master plan of the LFTZ, it is characterized by two centers, two axes, three districts, multiple nodes, and axial penetration.


Lekki Free Trade Zone Influence on Real Estate


The Lekki Free Trade Zone is expected to have a considerable amount of influence on the real estate industry in the country. It is expected for a project of its size. The big question is, what does this mean to the real estate industry? What does it mean to the Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos state?

No matter how you choose to view it, the LFTZ will influence the real estate industry and properties in the area. This is why the Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos is fast becoming one of the hot spots for investment in the state.


Since the future of the area is promising, it is not surprising to see lands for sale in Ibeju Lekki and its environs.


Whether you are investing in land or properties (commercial or residential), you will double your investment when the project is completed. The influence of the Lekki Free Trade Zone can only be positive as real estate properties will appreciate.



 Hub for Investors


Lekki Free Trade Zone is one project that you will expect to get lots of investors. With over 200 million people from the West African market and about 600 million from both US and European markets, investors abound.

The strategic location of the LFTZ is what makes it the perfect destination. It is positioned in such a way that it is open to all forms of transportation – land, air, and water. For investors who intend to not only do business in Nigeria, it opens them to all of Africa and the world.


Biggest Job Creation Zone

The Free-trade zone is expected to provide about 300,000 direct jobs and about 600,000 indirect jobs. While the Dangote Oil Refinery is expected to create about 235,000 jobs


Companies In Lekki Free Trade Zone

Though the entire project is yet to be completed, there are quite a several companies in Lekki Free Trade Zone already. All these only point to one thing; that the area is business-worthy and the future of Lagos. The array of business opportunities in the Free-trade zone area cannot be overlooked.




Development in this location is massive, with a lot of international investors coming in to position their company in the smart city they know how their investment will grow, so if you are not investing already in this area, you have got to because it’s massive.


For your real estate investment around Lekki Free Trade Zone and Ibeju Lekki, check out our Portview Estate, Victory Estate, and Lagos City Estate.


How to Know If you’re getting a Good Price When Buying Real Estate.

Nobody wants to get anything less than their money’s worth. And, that’s why before venturing into Real Estate investment, it’s imperative to know you’re not about to spend your hard-earned savings on a bad deal.


One major problem a lot of people have, acquiring a property is knowing whether or not they’re being dealt a good deal. In that regard, this article will shed more light on salient points you need to know, as an about-to-be homeowner.


1.    Be Honest with Yourself: The very first important thing to do when looking to acquire a property is to be very honest with yourself. Getting a Home is most likely your biggest purchase ever, you have to try as much as possible to get your facts right. Know what a good deal means to you.


·         How much are you willing to splurge on the deal?

·         Where is the Location?

·         What is the condition of the Location or even the property itself?

·         Ask yourself other “difficult” questions you need to, depending on individual needs or preferences.


2.    Be Familiar with the Market: Another factor to consider when looking to get a good bargain in Real Estate investment is to know what the market is saying, that is, Competitors’ Prices. Like with every other business, one thing is constant, competition. So, bringing out the Mathematician in you before paying any Agent for a Property is highly important. When you get a deal, compare the price to other benchmarks.

The best way to estimate market value is to look at what similar homes in the area have recently sold for. The more similar, the more recent, and the closer- the better. And, you can never really know what a “good price” is until an adequate comparison has been done. This is called Market Survey.


3.    Know When to Buy: Considering the specifics of the property about to be purchased is also a factor to not overlook when looking to get a good price when buying a Home or Land. Ranging from seasonality, some properties are better bought in certain seasons than others. For example, buying a Beach House in the winter/rainy season will be relatively cheaper, than buying it during summer. In the aspect of affordability, another way to find great deals is to look for properties that have been on the market for a long time. Their owners are often far more willing to sell for a discount, because they are tired of holding on to that Property, and will entertain almost any offer.


4.    Be Flexible: Lastly, you need to think about how much you want it, and remember that a good deal sometimes could mean being open-minded, to get you something that you want or need to make the deal work for you. 


You have come to the end of this article, and you’re probably thinking, so where do I find a company that can provide my money’s worth in terms of price and product?


With all boldness and sincerity, Kayode Obembe Real Estate Company should be your go-to. Not only do we have the fairest prices in the market, but we also offer super flexible payment plans, as our driving force is to assure homes for all, irrespective of pockets or class.


To find out more about us, visit our Website, or follow us on our social media platforms such as:

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5 Facts You didn’t Know about KOREC

Got a Minute?


Mind I let you in on 5 Facts about Kayode Obembe Real Estate Company, that you probably do not know?


Read on.😉


1.    The Brand has been in existence for going to 14 years…and still standing strong. Insane right?!! We know that’s right.


2.    Our Goal is to Ensure Luxurious Affordable Housing, assuring Homes for all.


3.    We were one of the Pioneering Visionaries Real Estate Developers within Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos State. With our Estates in the area boasting of Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) title, unlike most of our competitors.


4.    We have over 20 properly documented estates all over the country, including in the Federal Capital Territory.


5.    Our Latest Addition to our List of Brand Ambassadors is the super talented Fathia Balogun Williams, alongside Mama Uka and a host of others.






House Inspection Pros and Cons

A House Inspection is an imperative part of acquiring a home, in Real Estate. This allows the prospective buyers to get a thorough look into whatever property they’re looking to purchase. It provides a lot of benefits, but like every other thing in life, it has its advantages and disadvantages, which we’d be reviewing in this Article.


Let’s begin with the Pro’s




Identifying the Condition of Your Home: 


“Looks are deceptive” like they say. And, that is why Home Inspection is an important factor every prospect needs to consider before going ahead with payment. There are several details in a Home that can be misleading but with a thorough inspection, one can find out the actual condition of your proposed home which allows you to get ahead of the problem. This definitely is way better than being met with unpleasantries when you move into your new home.


 Getting ahead of Repairs. 


An inspection brings buyers to an awareness of repairs that ought to be carried out in their prospective Home. Either a minor or major repair, a buyer can channel his/her creative abilities through DIY Projects to curb some expenses, or an affordable/ trusted Contractor can be hired to fix the problem.


 Negotiation is Easier 

As a prospective buyer, you can save a lot of time spent in arriving at negotiations by choosing to go on a Home inspection. To site an example is to say, during negotiations, your inspection report can be used as leverage to get a better deal. Another essence of home inspections is that it prevents any surprises that may arise during a deal, as you would know what the inspection revealed and can then base your repairs expenses on your final purchase price of the home.

According to Real Estate Brokers, if the damage is too much, it leaves power completely in your hands as the Buyer. The buyer, therefore, has the right to back out of a contract entirely, if they aren’t satisfied with the results from the home inspection.


Now lets’s discuss the Cons…



Additional Expenses 


Asides from splurging money on acquiring your future home, home inspection has a way of also taking up its share of your finances. The First con of a home inspection is, without knowing for sure whether or not you’d end up investing in a property, you have to part with some money. for inspection fees. This fee varies in price from firm to firm. It usually consists of the cost of transportation as well as miscellaneous expenses; all of which are borne by the buyer.


More work, More time Taken. 

As searching for the perfect home could be one of the most difficult parts of the whole Real Estate process, it’s essential to imbibe patience to aid you in making the best option possible. If you’re a perfectionist who doesn’t know how to handle stress pangs, then it might be best for you to have a pre-listing home inspection.

What is that you ask? Let me explain:

Before a home is listed for sale, a professional home inspector examines the property to identify any potential repairs that need to be made. Without necessarily being there, this would give you a heads up as to what you’re dealing with. Thereby giving you ample time for more flexibility. But then, we all know that when it comes to things like a home inspection, only the main buyer, can exactly decide what it is they want. However, if going on an inspection doesn’t bother you, then do whatever makes you satisfied and happy.


Disclosing any Problem(s)

When there’s an issue with a property, an inspection is the right time to find out. It is the responsibility of a seller, to make the buyer aware of any repair or findings regarding the property. This includes all of the renovations and changes that need to be made on the property. As a seller who is opting to have a home inspected, you are committing yourself to disclose these findings to the buyer. Regardless, if these are minor or major issues, the seller is obliged to disclose all the details. More often than not, theses information has been a deal-breaker to certain buyers, as they end up uninterested in owning the property.



Not everyone experiences a blissful home inspection process, but at Kayode Obembe Real Estate Company, we stay defying that stereotyped narrative. You can secure your dream property accompanied by a stress-free inspection. Why not get a trial by visiting our website and reaching out to our contact persons, to commence your Land ownership Journey, Or you could follow us on all of our social media handles, NOW.



Instagram: Kayodeobembeltd

Facebook: Kayode Obembe & Co Ltd.


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Buhari Commissions $2.5bn Dangote Fertilizer Plant

On the 22nd of March, 2022, the GCFR of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari visited the Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos State, to Commission the $2.5billion Dangote Fertilizer Plant, which is the biggest in Africa and the second biggest in the world

In his speech, Mr. President Stated that “This Fertilizer Plant is expected to enhance the government’s drive towards achieving Self-sufficiency in Food Production in the Country”. He also stated that the Ibeju-Lekki Dangote Fertilizer Plant will boost Nigeria’s Foreign Exchange earnings and accelerate Economic Growth. As, it will reduce the country’s dependence on the importation of Fertilizer, create job opportunities for youths, improve security, and increase the flow of Foreign Exchange.

He commended The Chairman, Board and Management of Dangote Industries Limited for the brilliant Business Initiative and their commitment to the Socio-economic development of the Country and the well-being of Nigeria’s Citizens. He Mentioned that the Nation also stands to gain extensively in Forex Earnings, through Excess Production and Exports from the Plant. Also, the Agricultural Sector has been a critical aspect of the Economy. And, the availability and affordability of fertilizers would lead to increased yields for Farmers.

With the Commission of this Fertilizer Plant in the Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos State, and with the Future Launch of other Facilities like the Dangote Oil Refinery, Lekki Deep Seaport, The Lekki Free Trade Zone and other infrastructural Amenities in this area will exponentially increase the value of real estate around this environment. This is a great opportunity for Smart Investors to invest in real estate in the area.

It is on this premise that I will like to introduce to you three estates in Ibeju-Lekki area belonging to Kayode Obembe Real Estate Company that you should consider investing in, while also sharing it with a Friend.

Here are they:




Ibeju Lekki is definitely not an Area to be slept on. Smart Investors don’t wait to be told the stories of Profitable Investment; they do the telling. Call/Message: 08129999907

Invest In Mother Earth, Get Your Dream Home Assured with Us Today!

The Next 4 Big Locations In Lagos For Real Estate Investment

When talking about the prime locations in Lagos, in terms of planning, infrastructure, development, beauty and value few places easily come to mind. Places like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Apapa, Banana Island, Ikeja, Ogudu GRA, Magodo, Omole, Lekki Phase 1, Victoria Garden City (VGC), and Ajah Axis. The cost of renting and buying houses in these locations is very exorbitant, which makes them the bride of real estate investors and residential haven for the upper and the middle-income class of the society. Of course, it is far beyond the reach of the low-income class.

As they say, “today’s price is not yesterday’s price”. This is a very applicable statement to this article. As, we’d be looking into some locations in Lagos that years before now, meant literally nothing, but now, epitomize something, and in the nearest future will rank amongst the most expensive locations in Africa.

Here is the list of the next four big locations in Lagos, Nigeria that is currently affordable for any level of income earners.


AJAH AXIS: For a Location formerly Considered “the End of the World”, Ajah axis has proven to Ironically become the starting point of “The New World”; “The New Lagos”. Ajah axis is the first to consider on this list of the next biggest locations in Lagos. Though the axis has been in the climbing end for a while, the axis will still grow more with the number of developments and infrastructural activities brewing along the axis, which has skyrocketed the prices of lands both for sale and for rent in the area. The conglomeration of beaches, flyovers, residential estates, shopping malls and office buildings coming up starting from second to gate after Chevron, to Ikota, to Ajah, to Abraham Adesanya, to Ogombo, to Shongotedo, to Awoyaya has been unprecedented.

Ajah Axis is fast becoming the real estate investor’s hub with rent and cost of land and houses growing at an alarming rate. A plot of land is now between N5m to N100m depending on the location. A 3 Bedroom Apartment is between N20m and N40m depending on location and type of finish. While a 3 Bedroom flat for rent is between N700,000 and N2m depending on location and finishes. Please note that properties closer to Lekk-Epe Expressway are more expensive than those far inside from the express. The farther from the express, the cheaper.

IBEJU-LEKKI: Dubbed “The New Lagos”, Ibeju-Lekki in no time will be one, if not the hottest location in Lagos, because of the gazillions of investment prospects, developments and infrastructure on the axis. Unlike Lekki Phase 1, Ibeju Lekki has lots of worthy mentions proposed international Projects, including, Dangote Refinery and Fertilizer, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lekki Deep Sea Port, Lekki-Epe International Airport, Lagos-Dubai Smart City, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, and lots of Manufacturing Companies, amongst others. Furthermore, the access road to Ibeju-Lekki from Eleko Junction has already been commissioned to be constructed by Messers Dangote. All these developments and companies which are in their advanced stage of construction will boost business and human activities in this location and will also surge the value of property investments too. It will interest you to know that a plot of land within the axis is presently going for between N5million and N30million, depending on the location. Investors are however advised to do their due diligence in the area of documentation before buying properties within this axis.

EPE: Wonder Why Epe is Packed with lots of developing Real Estate Properties? Visionaries have foreseen that the vicinity houses the future of Lagos, Investment wise. Otherwise dubbed as “The New Smart City” or “The Dubai of Africa” as a result of the Surge of Industrial Growth the vicinity has experienced. The Area has increased immensely over time in terms of value. As of 2014, the price of land per square meter in Epe was N481. As of 2021, the Price has increased drastically to well over N2,652 per square meter.  Investors need to get involved in Epe, as it has become a hub for different activities. And with the fix of the now motorable road, land prices will skyrocket in no time. So, Subscribe now, as the best time to invest in Real Estate is always Now, and never, Later.

BADAGRY: This is a historic city with an access road to neighbouring countries. Whenever Badagry is being mentioned slave trade readily comes. Though it has been abandoned to fate by successive past governments, the discovery of oil, the construction of Lagos Badagry Expressway and Deep Seaport property investment in the area have been revived. Smart investors now see Badagry as a real estate investment destination. It was reported in the Guardian Newspaper of 20th January 2020 that the axis is now witnessing investments in the excess of $5 billion with an avalanche of private developments. According to experts, the recent government investments had made the Badagry property market an exciting one with developments that range from both commercials, residential and mixed-use. Development experts said with the ongoing projects, the historical city of Badagry would soon become a new haven for developers and investors because of the availability of lands.

“ Lagos property market is moving towards Badagry and its environs because of its potentials arising from its status as a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) as well as the presence of several landmarks within the neighbourhood, which include First Story Building, Badagry Slave and Black History Museum, Mobee Palace and a host of many historical sites”, said an estate surveyor and valuer.

A plot of land in Badagry now goes between N1m to N6m, depending on the location.